Freeform Yarn and Green Grass and Timonium Show

 I dedicated this freeform skein to spring flowers. Even dandelions, the harbinger of spring and a nuisance to many, has a redeeming value. The sheep and goats will eat them!
 I have been experimenting with letting a select few of the sheep and goats out to browse on the grass in front of the house. It is tall and gorgeous. It would be a shame to use a lawnmower on it. The dairy goats hang close to each other and do not wander, so they were among the first. We have discovered that Rose Mary produces a few more cups of milk when she is allowed on the green grass. Guess hay, grain, and water just don't do the trick. Of course, the angora goats have figured out what I am doing, so they are crowding the gate and escaping. Marc and I are going to use our electric fencing (minus the electric) to enclose this area. Anything to not have to mow!
If you are following me on Facebook (Kathy Withers) or Unique Designs By Kathy, you will recognize this picture. Pearl and her two boys were also let out to roam. One of them was a bottle baby, but he is not quite as much now. Mom's milk and the green grass are a lot more satisfying.

I set up my booth at the Maryland State Fairgrounds for another show. I am hoping to make enough to cover my feed bill. I am going to keep this year's kids on pellets and hay till they are six months old. I want them to be strong and healthy. I am in business to keep them fed. Such hungry critters. They sound like locusts when they are eating.