Contest Winner, Last Kid and off to Hampton, Virginia

 The name my mannequin contest has been won by Ruinwen. She suggested Rhiannon and it stuck in my head. Goddess of Inspiration - we all need one! Ruinwen - you will need to let me know how you want your $25 gift certificate. I don't have your email.

I have just about finished this scarf which I started the 10th of June last year. I have one piece to attach and a few ends to weave in. Will do that during the Bodacious Bazzaar Show in Hampton this weekend. If you live in the area, come and say "hi."
 The last kid of the year was born yesterday. He is a white buck and still looks slightly dirty. Healthy and happy on mom. I am excited because all of my angora goat kids were born alive - none have died! Amazing to get a 100% survival rate. I have lost 4 lambs at or near birth and have one sheep, Columbian still to deliver. Any minute. She is probably waiting for me to drive off tomorrow.
I have designed and written the pattern for a dog coat. I starte dout with the idea of a goat coat, but there is probably not an interest in knitting an expensive garment for a barn animal! I still have to put the photo with the pattern. Will finish and list it for sale next week.