Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, First Lambs, ArtWeaving

I am excited! I made it into the MSDW and can be found in the northwest section of the fairgrounds near the sheepdog demos the first weekend in May. I have a full schedule of shows that may be found on my website Upcoming Events page:
 Our first Merino lambs were born Monday night. I am using weather as a theme for names this year. Thanks Leslie for the idea. We have had so many weather issues, that it will be easy. The two above were named Stormy and Windy. They are quite happy with little shirts and a heat lamp. The barn heater can't keep up, but they are hardy little critters.
I have opened a new shop on etsy named ArtWeaving: . I am keeping my old etsy shop for yarns, rovings and accessories. My hand woven items get lost in the old site and they are becoming more art oriented. This is the last one finished and I have named it Evening Skies. I have the ends to finish on the one I just took off the loom and it will be named Ocean Waves.

Hope you are all enjoying your weather. Walking up from the barn in the snow has become a workout. No need for the elliptical at all now!