Always something

I just finished designing a new shawl and I have actually spun two different color ways for it. They will all be listed as soon as we get our computer back.

We had a tornado touch down yesterday night and several trees were taken down. The electric line coming into the house had the neutral destroyed, so lots of circuits got burnt. Most of the surge protectors were burnt out. The one for the computer worked for all but the hard drive. My studio door was shattered and so was the windshield on the Avalanche. It will not keep me from heading out to the Jazzturle workshop in Oxford, CT, today. Marc will drive me to a friend's and she and I will drive her car.  Terrible of me, but I feel no guilt leaving it all to Marc. I had wanted one of the trees cut down because every time the wind blowed, it sounded like a freight train was in our room. When we had all of the trees trimmed in mid April, the arborist said it was a healthy tree and would not cut it. That is the tree that landed on our upstairs porch and had huge branches fly across the roof to land on my truck.

The animals were up in that area and Chowing down on leaves as it poured. I spent half hour checking under all of the tree to make sure none were stuck under. All are well! Will post photos when I get to the hotel. Verizon wireless on my IPad is just too slow!