Winter, New Yarns and Still Shearing Goats

Red, Black and White Freeform
Turquoise Southwestern Freeform

Red Maple Freeform
 I have been spinning between shows and I am finally having time to post yarns on my etsy shop: I have designed a few new yarns with patterns that show them off. Take time to check them out.
 Winter is definitely upon us. We have already had snow once and expect to have 4 inches on Wednesday. The goats and sheep are still on pasture. We fenced in the wooded area behind the back fence and the goats and sheep will be allowed in there after I shear. They are in gorgeous full fleeces now and I don't want them to get burrs.
This was the last colored kid that I sheared this afternoon. I have three white does left and then I will be starting on the yearling does. The fleeces are gorgeous and I washing and dyeing them. Still looking for someone professional to do my adult angora goats and Merinos!