Around the farm in Spring

With spring, sheep are shorn and then the wool is washed and dyed. The water to the red barn is back on again.
As lambs are born, I have to evaluate who I can keep. I have way too many animals right now for the pastures, so it is time to let a few go. I have two East Friesians, several Merino rams, Shetland ewes and some Shetland Merino crosses. All are going to be sheared Monday and Tuesday after the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Any that are not sold will go to the sale barn. This is not a fire sale, so be prepared to pay what they are worth. If you can't afford them, you will certainly not be able to feed them over winter.

Toggle is growing quickly. He has already doubled in size since I took this picture two weeks ago. He likes to follow the cats.
With spring, all sorts of critters are showing up around the farm. This turtle is not as old as the one I saw last year. So ugly, but wise old eyes. Marc dug a hole so he/she could get under the fence to the pond.

It is not really all that hot, but the animals are all heading for shade now. They will love their haircuts next week!

I am looking forward to the MDSWF this weekend. It is local for me and a chance to catch up with friends. Hope lots of you stop by to say hello.