It is warming up!

 I am now working down in the barn creating my favorite type of batts. They are somewhat rustic because I am grabbing all sorts of fibers. There is some vm in them, so they will be priced lower than my usual. I am seriously tempted to wet felt this one. Above is how it looked while the carder was actually running. Below is how it looked when I stopped the carder.

 This is the same batt taken off the carder and folded so you can see both sides. The left is the top color that you can see on the carder. The right side is what went onto the carder first. I rarely do batts that are all one color. This is the Patrick Green Elsa carder. I love to create batts on it, because it holds a lot of fiber. I do get tired of some colors as I card which is why there are always two sides. Felted it is always a surprise and spun it has a Monet/impressionistic look.
 I am currently spinning the pinkish color of the locks above. I just spun a gradient skein of yarn using it and some natural colored moorit Merino. I have just started a freeform yarn in those colors. So tempted to knit or weave it. I have been adding some new surprises in the yarns. Those who are going to Stitches South this coming weekend will get first looks.
 This picture has already been on my Facebook, page as have the last two photos. You can follow or like me - either as Kathy Withers or uniquedesignsbykathy to keep up daily with events on the farm. Follow both, if you really want to know. I am not always sure where my photos will end up. I love the shot of the kids playing in the water trough. It was empty since that water had frozen the night before. I had to haul buckets out to them.
 This is our bottle baby. He will be four weeks old tomorrow and has gone from 2 to 8 pounds. I have named him Toggle, since he has a switch - he is either running around and dancing or immediately asleep when I put him in his box. I have been taking him down to the play area during the warm part of the day, so he can see other goats. He is definitely too small and maybe stupid? to leave in the barnyard full time.
A view of the farm from one of the pastures. So glad that the animals are finally out of barns most of the time and doing more than eat my earnings!

Still shearing when Marc is available. So glad to have someone coming the weekend of the MD Sheep and Wool Festival who will do the Merinos and as many of the Shetlands as he has time for. I will be in the Dog Run area where I was last year. Come hang out and do stop to say hello.