Breeding and Birthing Seasons Collide

Breeding and Birthing Seasons Collide

I don’t usually breed for lambs in the fall, but a Merino ram, that was too young to breed, actually got 5 ewes pregnant. I am waiting for the last one to deliver. Should be any time now!

The sheep and goats have now been sorted and the best of each have been put in with a male. This creates more work, since I now have to separate out the ones I don’t want to breed into pastures of their own. Fortunately checking for parasites will ease off now that we have had a few freezes.

My class list has been updated.

I have removed the Nuno felting workshop date, since it has gotten cold enough that the water has to be turned off occasionally. Marc will be out of town that week and I cannot turn the nozzle off well enough to prevent freezes. If you are interested, let me know and I will check the calendar and the weather forecast. This class will be limited to two people since it will have to be indoors.

I have added a new date for the freeform knit and crochet class. It is my most popular. Great for learning how to make color choices and assembling.

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