freeform art yarns

Christmas Eve and the First Lamb of the Season

 I have started spinning freeform yarns again as well as more feathered yarn. The yarn above is one of two that can be found on my www.uniquedesignsbykathy.etsy shop.
 this is the first lamb of the season. He was born Monday outside. His mother was really good and followed me into the barn when I scooped him up. My theme for names this year is Nuts and Bolts. I am naming him "Washer" since there is so much rain right now. He is only a few days old, but growing vigorously.
 You can see how foggy it is right now. Dreary weather, so I am sitting under bright lights to keep energetic. Hard to tell in this picture, but the Merinos, due to deliver soon, and the kids from this year are fighting to get at the grain. We are feeding them some outside the barn while we load up the barn feeders. This is where all of my earning go. This is about 1/4 of the animals - they are now separated according to sex, breed and delivery due dates.
Christmas Eve is a special day of the year for me since it is my birthday, wedding anniversary and the night before Christmas. My daughter sent the flowers and the cards are from Kyle, Marc and other relatives. Thanks to all who sent me notes, and that includes those who follow me on Facebook.

Merry Christmas!