Meet the Flock at Withers Wool

If I had to keep only one breed of sheep, it would be the Merinos. They have the finest, softest fiber of any sheep breed. My range of colors include white, moorit, chocolate, gray and black. They have huge fleeces!


 The interesting thing about Shetlands, is that you cannot predict what color their lambs will be when they are six months old. Lambs are born black, moorit or white and their fleeces change as they age. I have had black lambs turn really light gray and other remain very dark black. I have been crossing my Shetland sheep with Merinos to get finer and heavier fleeces. I have sold my Shetlands, since the crosses are so much nicer. 

My angora goats have beautiful temperaments. They produce lovely, lustrous mohair that remains softer a lot longer than traditional angora goats. I have them in a full range of colors. Contact me about adding a few to your herd.

Angora goats are the most fragile of my fiber animals. They do not like to get wet and will not leave the shelters when it is raining or snowing. When they have kids, we have to be there. I am always prepared to bottle feed kids, since I have had kids rejected by their mother, kids who reject their mother or who just do not want to bend under to drink. Kids that are chilled at birth have to be blow dried before they will suck from their mom. But it is all worth it when the first shearing reveals a gorgeous fleece that is like no other in softness and silkiness. Their fiber does not have elasticity, so used by itself, it is best as scarf, shawl or embellishment. Blended with wool, it adds a sheen to a sweater or other project.

Angora Rabbits

 I used to have angora rabbits in Tucson, Arizona, a few years ago. Last year I got three French angora rabbits and they have multiplied. Their fiber is lovely and soft and creates a beautiful halo. I have now accumulated enough to start spinning it.

Shetland and Merino Cross Lamb

Shetland and Merino Cross Lamb

Merino and angora goats are occasionally available for sale. email me at if you are looking for some awesome fiber animals.