Pin Weaving and Carding

Yesterday I decided to try my hand at pin weaving. I had seen it in a magazine recently and had to wing it, since I could not find the magazine again. It is somewhere between the kitchen and the studio and will turn up now that I no longer need it. I had lots of scraps left over from the layered collar and really wanted to do something with them.
The only two pieces of yarn that I did not use in the collar were the white thick and thin and the beaded yarn. I plan to get the piece framed and maybe offer a class in pin weaving. I am thinking about offering a class in it and I will definitely start assembling batches of scrap funky yarns for future projects.
I have been busy carding. The above is all mohair and you can see how fluffy it gets.
These are several batts that I carded up yesterday and hung with rods and plastic. They looked interesting hanging, so I took a picture. I am now carding solids because they are selling once again. My Suri alpaca skein sold, so I carded up all of the rest of that and a red kid mohair batt. I will do a charcoal gray kid mohair and then some white. Then I am going to go back to the variegated yarns. Marc had to check the inside of the roof above my studio closet, so all of the bags had to come out. It was an opportune time to select a few colors for carding this week. Can't be too neat!