Back in the Groove Again

Back in the Groove Again

Barn renovations were completed last fall. The only thing left to do is to figure out how we want to heat the place. As it stands now, I am limited to weather above 50 degrees. The portable heaters warm it up enough to heat small areas and the shop, but not enough for me to want to linger otherwise.

I have finally recuperated from the ram incident enough to be back to my regular activities. I am spinning about 3 hours a day, listing on my shop regularly, carding, washing and dyeing fiber when the weather is nice enough. I am back to designing wearable art again and I have a few patterns that just need finishing touches before publishing.

I will soon be updating my events and class pages. I have been accepted to the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Fest, the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival (I will be indoors in the Main Exhibition Hall!) and I am waiting for the Maryland Alpaca Fiber Festival to be announced. These are the only shows close enough to home that Marc is willing to let me do. I cannot drive more than 30 minutes without stress, so Marc says no show is worth it. The Shenandoah is outside that limit, but it is totally worth the drive and he is willing to drive for me, if I cannot find a willing friend to take me. 

I am participating in The Fiber Art Studio Tour of Western Maryland for the second year. Dates are  June 2 and 3, 2018. There was a great turnout last year. My friend, Stacy, from Lush Fibers will be here again this year. I am no longer on meds, so I will enjoy it a lot more!

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