Busy, busy, busy

Marc had his foot surgery yesterday, which ate up my afternoon. I started my day off with a felting group from the Northwest Arts Center, thanks to Brenda. They had a lot of fun and turned out some really cool bowls, purses, and material for a sweater. I enjoy seeing what other artists come up with and it provides inspiration for me, because most people pick colors that I would not naturally chose. Of course, I now have two bowls that I started as demos, that I need to finish.

I spent today spinning cream Shetland for an order and throwing some of the Alpaca/Targhee yarn, that I just received from Wooly Knobs, into the dyepot. The yarn does not look like much until it gets washed. It is gorgeous dyed, but I have to say that I prefer my handspun to the millspun. I love the color variations that come off my wheel, as well as the textures. I spun up a loopy yarn, that is my own technique, and got that hung in the shop today. I plan to list it on etsy tomorrow along with a few other yarns. Everyone is telling me to list finished projects there also, so I will pick two. Photographing and listing the stuff is time consuming and not what I want to do, but it will be exposure. And, I have sold a skein online. The problem is that what I like and list ends up selling in the shop and then I have to delete the listing.

I finally got onto Ravelry and have enjoyed catching up on the spinning and local knitting news. I even found a thread on the Tucson Wool Festival that was really heart warming. I sit watching Netflix while I spin and often feel disconnected from the world. It is worse, now that they have started digging for the new apartments on the south side of Palo Seco. Too sad!

I have loads of photos on my camera: alpacas, projects, yarns etc. I plan to load them up tomorrow. Have to do that in the studio on my laptop, because I am not putting any more on the home computer.

Happy spinning and knitting!