One of those days

Lambs are doing well. Drinking well and not really afraid of me. Can't say that that makes Hazelnut happy, but at least she did not stomp at me like she did with Marc. The one in the foreground is the ewe. I named her Daisy and the ram Woolly after the Desert Woolly Daisy. Their fiber reminds me of the words, so their names will be easy to remember.
The thing hanging off the end of Brillo's nose is a piece of cholla cactus. I went out to feed Desert and found Brillo trying to eat and not being able to. I ended up calling my friend, Tor, to hold her, while I removed it. All things considered, she was fairly well behaved. She was starting to slobber, so it could not wait for Marc to get home.
Last evening I heard squealing over the baby monitor and went out and discovered that one of the sheep was trying to dig up the baby rabbits in the photo above. I put a concrete block over them to give them shade and protect them. They were still doing fine this evening, so I took a picture. They are really young, since they have not opened their eyes yet. I assume that their mother is coming back to feed them.