Quiet Day on the Ranch

All was quiet today. No new babies. I have 20 babies and 19 of them were born over 9 days. Surreal. All of the moms have accepted their babies. The little black one needs to be supplemented, so I have named him Palo Seco (dry stick, for those of you who don't know Spanish or the southwestern trees), because his mother is rather dry. He is really small and about the cutest of the bunch.

Texas Doe and her buck managed to get it going, so I let them out today. Tomorrow I will let out the other two does. Too many out at one time creates havoc. Moms kept losing their kids this evening. The kids were tired and the moms got busy eating and forgot where their babies lay down. Barbara had come out with her two and I ended up carrying them back to the outer shed, so she could drink and eat. She did not want to eat out of the buckets that I had given her. One of her babies wandered into the big shed to sleep and Barbara was frantic because she did not know that.

I have not had a chance to really handle all of the kids, but I was excited when I picked up Barbara's kids, because they have the ringlets that No Size's best offspring have. Texas Doe's both have these same ringlets. I have not seen it in any of the rest yet, but I have not had a chance to play with Latte's kids and I have only held two of Absinthe's.

If I had to make any guesses, I think that the sheep are going to be really active tomorrow. Garnet, the Jacobs ewe was at the front of the pen area, where she never comes. She is groaning, which tells me that she is close.

All of the pregnant does have moved under the mesquite tree at the back to get away from all of the babies. That is where the ewes usually hang out. Lots of grunting going on there.

I managed to wash two fleeces and spin a bobbin of yarn. Lace weight kid mohair dyed slate blue. Someone order a skein and I decided to do a second one for the shop. I have two more skein orders to fill and then I need to start replenishing the shop. I need bright colors!