Colorado Highlights

My Dad was the only one of my relatives willing to ride with me out to see Brenda of Split Rock Ranch. She has some really lovely llamas and I would have gladly taken two of her males home - if I were not already at my limit on animals and dreading the next feed delivery. I called to order on Tuesday and the bags have gone up $1.45 each. That is $162 more per month. It has gone up over $1 each time I have ordered recently. If business does not pick up, I am going to have to downsize. This is Seven Falls. Talk about a steep set of stairs to climb - heart palpitations. Would not do it again!

While I was gone, one of the ducks hatched 4 ducklings. It is funny to watch them.When they hurry they end up on their backs and the mom has to poke them to get them right side up. She must have mated with each of the males, because every single one of the ducklings is a different color.
On the first day that I was back home, one of the chickens started laying. I heard a funny clucking as I was unloading the truck and went to see what was up - I found a lonely egg and a chicken clucking to let everyone know what she just did!

Unfortunately, all is not well here at the ranch. No Size, my prized buck, got injured while I was gone. I am hoping that he will get better, but he can't be used for breeding this year. In addition, one of the ewe lambs from the arena is missing. I suspect a coyote or mountain lion. She must have been taken while I was gone, because her mother has not been fussing and her udders have already started to shrink. I am depressed about it and have decided that I won't do shows that don't allow me to drive home at night. Too much can happen very quickly. The shows in Colorado were essentially a waste of time. If I had not also been visiting family, it would have been horrendous.