Kristie's wedding and other news

These are the only pictures that I will post of Kristie's wedding on my blog. I will put others on flickr, when I get around to it. I have presentations to prepare, flyers for the Wool Festival and publicity to organize, so it might be a while.
Kyle looks like a Bond - told him it had to be 008, because previous ones are dead. He dresses up nicely!
The little chicken -I am thinking maybe a quail - laid her first egg this morning. I will be interested to see how much yolk their is in such a tiny egg. Hope they get bigger, but could be painful for her!

In other news, I had 6 of the older goats tested for CAE, when the vet came out for No Size. I had Holly, the dairy goat, tested also. The good news is that none of them have it. He said that I tested a large enough sample of the goats to be able to say that none of my goats have it. None have ever showed signs, but it is nice to be sure. So, if you bought goats from me in the past, you can be sure that they were CAE free when they left here. The disease does not tend to run in angora goats but people, who have both dairy and angoras, could have it show up in their herds.