On my wheel and loom, some trivia

This is what I am currently spinning. It is 1st kid mohair with a little bit of angelina thrown in.
This is a blend that I made from commercial merino. I have spun it thick and thin and then coiled it. I will list it on etsy, after the show in Patagonia, if I still have it.
A pile of recently spun yarn on top of a blue scarf that I just finished knitting. The yarn is in a previous post.
In the front is the yarn that I am using to weave. A little too wild to knit with, so I decided to see what would happen in the loom. I am weaving small ipod/cellphone bags that I hope to have done by the 4th Avenue Street Fair - I have two months! Of course, I put on a 12 yard warp and have 8 more to go.

The trivia:
At the bottom of my inventory, I keep track of the number of yards and the number of pounds that I spin each year. This is my total as of today: 10,017 yards spun since January 1, 2008 and 101.5 pounds spun since January 1, 2008. Amazing!