Projects and an ornery doe rabbit

Above is a sampling of the yarns that I have spun over the past few days. They are now hanging in the shop.
Lindt (finally remembered what I had named her!), is most definitely pregnant and due any time. I took this photo with the intentions of putting it on my blog on Saturday. She decided that the nesting box was not good enough for her. I put newspapers in to block the wind from below and put a light on the area where she has started a nest. Since it rained this weekend, I took out the damp papers and gave her some paper towels to play with. Her nest is now much taller than the box and has paper towels in it as well. She cleaned her whole cage! Hope she delivers soon and has live babies. The alternative is too depressing.

While my sister Paula was here, we felted bags and finished some that I have had hanging around for a while now. The blue/pink one at the bottom started out as a vase. This is much nicer.
A few of us have tried out nuno felting and variations on it. This neck warmer started out significantly larger. It is my favorite among the pieces that I did. Some of the other projects turned out really well. I plan to take better photos of them and post them.
Anyhow, I am now ready to list a date for nuno felting. It will probably be in February, unless I get an earlier request.