Finishing projects and shop news

Above and below are two ways to wear the Landscape Shawl that I just finished. I used two skeins of my novelty yarn for a total of 173 yards. I had no real plan in mind when I started knitting, but once I finished the first skein and realized that I needed the same amount again to finish it, the sky as the neckline was a natural. It is southwestern again - the buttons have horses, boots, and hat.
Below is what I can the Evening Blues Scarf. It is approximately 200 yards of nothing but knit (garter stitch.) The novelty yarns show themselves off the best that way.
Just a reminder that the roving and batt sale ends on Saturday. I have been experimenting with the new carder and have figured out how to create an entire freeform Hidden Treasures roving on one carding. Sure is a lot more fun and gets me to the spinning faster. You can still buy by the ounce. The bags are to help keep the fiber organized and clean. A few of the landscape rovings are in the shop.
Some of my freeform mix and match landscape yarns. Each skein is a sky or an earth, so they can be mixed and matched. Some are southwestern, some are autumn, and some are the fields in other places.
Below is a picture that was been the inspiration or the skein of yarn surrounding it. I am currently knitting it. I usually use only garter stitch. I have been experimenting and have come up with a few new techniques. I am drafting a pattern that will be free for anyone who buys the freeform yarn which details different ways of using the yarn.
And, last but not least - things are never dull here. I went into the studio this morning to get my cell charger. I saw a movement on the counter and discovered that a bunny had hopped up. He had nothing to use as a springboard, so I have no idea how he managed to get up there.
Isn't he pretty? He must have just done it, because there were no signs of him having messed with anything no chewing, etc! The picture below is to give you some perspective of what a jump that must have been. I have a SuperRabbit!