Celebrations and Reflections

I turned a year older today and it is also my wedding anniversary. Thought I would share a photo of Marc and me from our wedding. Hard to believe that 28 years have passed. My brothers and sisters were all betting that our marriage would not last long. (One of my sisters revealed this a few years ago.) Marc and I met one month in the Army Signal Corps Advanced Course, got engaged the next month, and then got married the next month. When you are in the army and you can be stationed anywhere - there is not a lot of time to wait - if you want to end up living together for the next three years. I could have spent four years in Tampa, Florida, as a recruiter, while Marc went to Heidelberg, Germany. By getting married over the Christmas break, we were able to be assigned together.
When we got married, I would never have dreamed that I would own a shop. I worked as a clerk in a department store to pay my way through college and hated it. I have a whole new perspective on retail business now and it is a lot more positive, since I am selling something that I believe in. I have been commissioned to make a mural. Above is one side of a batt and below is the other. Both will make lovely skies. I will probably use the lighter one for this commission, but I can never seem to card a whole batt in one color!
A few days ago I went out and discovered Josey acting weird. I am now sure that she is pregnant. It is hard to tell with the larger animals, because their size hides it well. She is no longer standing to be petted by guests. Her due date is the 29th, but I would not be surprised, if she delivers early.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it!