Yarn scarves and shows

Nuno felted shawls got a lot of attention this winter, as well as my version of a supercoiled yarn. I sold several of the shawls, so I will be glad to teach the class in order to replenish my inventory. The yarn in the photo sold.
This was my booth set up for Tempe. All but three of the supercoils sold there, so I spent last week spinning those exclusively.
Last week's yarns. The only one left is the pale blue one at the very center of the photo.
While giving someone a tour of the animals last week, I discovered this nest on the ground. No babies in it, thank goodness. Even birds can be artistic. A very good use of color from my chickens' feathers.
I spun these yarns last Thursday and Friday. The burgundy and the multicolored skein at the front are the only ones left.
My 4th Avenue Street Fair in Tucson booth. I mention the Tucson part, because at the other shows, everyone wanted to know where the 4th Avenue was. It was a lot better than last winter and spring, but it did not come anywhere near the Tempe Festival of the Arts. I was really impressed that I had customers from Tempe that came down to buy yarn scarves. They had come by on Sunday in Tempe and the choices were slim. Thanks to all who did come out. I have covered my feed bill for the summer, so Marc is happy and I have lots of motivation to produce more of everything!
This was a scarf ordered in San Diego. It goes out in the mail today. I have several other orders and I am working on all of them. It is hard to settle on only one project!
New shows: I have been invited to participate in the Pasadena Bead and Gem Show. I will have 500 square feet to fill. It is by invitation only, so I am excited that people in San Diego have been passing the word about my art. The dates are July 28-31, 2011. I have the option of teaching in my space, which is nice. I plan to offer a basic drop spinning class, pin weaving, or my novelty yarn class there. If the classes don't fill, it will be OK. I would like to offer nuno felting, but don't know that they will have the appropriate facilities.
Among other news, I got a new phone (Droid X) last night and have realized that there is going to be a long learning curve. It is more like a computer with phone capabilities. Anyhow, if I am talking to you and something weird happens, blame it on my having to learn new tricks.