Preparing and Packing

In between packing boxes to make the place look neater, I am trying to replenish my yarn inventory. I sold lots of batts and supercoil yarns at the Tucson Bead Show and was inspired to go for brighter and different color combinations.

My room was on the dark side and behind another vendor, so some people were not able to find me. I am sorry!

We hope to have the house here in Arizona on the market early this week. Most of the repairs have been complete and we havce donated loads of stuff to both Goodwill and the dump. My studio is the only mess and it will be picked up by Sunday night.

Just a reminder that my time here is short. I have scheduled a nuno felting class for the 3rd of March. It will be the last one I offer, unless you collect a group of three and I have a date available.

I am driving to Stitches West on 22 February and will be back sometime on the 28th. My booth is 831.

Baby season will be starting soon. Come check out the babies - hopefully I will have some by March 10 for the festival. Since it has been so warm this winter, some of the does and ewes might not have gotten pregnant.

I did find a home for my llamas and they will leave next week. I am still looking for someone to take Shep and Herd. I would NOT use them as herd or livestock animals. They are people dogs and have loads of energy. I do not plan to take them to the pound or a rescue center.

Shop closes on March 14, 2012 at 4 p.m!