A New Year

 On Christmas Eve we had our first snowfall for the winter. It was lovely and I took lots of photos. This was probably the loveliest. It might be the centerpiece for a Christmas Card next year.
 New years often bring new new ideas. I have discovered over the past few shows that my yarns are selling as infinity scarves because there are not as many knitters that go shopping at art shows. Now I am spinning most of the skeins between 24 and 32 yards because they seem to be the right size to be worn wrapped around the neck. They are also long enough for a knitter to make my boa scarf.
I photographed this one differently, so you can see options for wearing the yarn. I have listed several on both my eshop and my etsy shop. I am also planning to knit several boa scarves because I have been selling my sample at each show.

Happy New Year and may your days be creative!