Spinartiste, TKGA, Supercoils

 I am offering the above as a giveaway through Spinartiste's website. Check out the article (on me!) and see, if you do not learn something new.
 A photo of my booth from the Knit and Crochet Show in Indianapolis. Made new friends (check out Nancy George who will be designing using my yarns) and got lots of spinning in!
 Got home to find out that my garden was overflowing. Have to admit my ignorance. Not featured in this photo are some spaghetti squash that I had been picking thinking that they were summer squash. Only figured it out because the squash got too big to be summer squash.
Here are some of the yarns that I spun in Indianapolis. I spun the thick and then and then coiled here at home. Let me know, if you see one that you want and I can send specifics.