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Goat Bridge, Lots of Rain and New Ventures

 Earlier this year we had the rest of our property fenced. It is a woodsy area with two streams and a waterfall. here were ways to get the animals over to our newest pasture, but a bridge would make it much easier. This week we had a bridge built over the stream just below the waterfall. One goat looked at me suspiciously and followed me over. In seconds the rest had made it over. I will have to haul a chair out next time and leave it. There are too many vines and predators in the area, so I do not feel comfortable leaving them out there by themselves until they have cleared it out some. Much cooler under the trees than in the pasture.
 Spinquest is changing their format this year. I will be going both as a vendor and a teacher. As soon as registration opens, I will let you know and provide a link. In case you have not guessed, I will be teaching a mini class on dyeing.
 We have been getting lots of rain this year. We got three inches yesterday. I took a sunset photo just after the rain last week. The barn makes a great focal point. It won't be long before we will be remodeling this barn to make it climate controlled. Then I will be working out of the barn and teaching more classes. So much space!
 Last weekend I taught a freeform spinning class. This is the yarn that I finished. It has been listed on my etsy shop:
While in North Carolina the week before I found the depression era green dish. It makes a great way to lay out my novelties before spinning. They sure make me look more organized than I really am!