Crochet class

Alma showed up for my crochet tune-up class (which is free by the way) with the desire to make a hat. I decided that it made an easy progession for learning the stitches, so we started with a chain, single crochet, single crochet in the back of the loop, double crochet and then treble crochet. Having mastered those, Alma decided that it would be fun to add a different color and style of yarn. She came back with a thick and thin that really perked up the project. She has promised to bring the finished hat back for me to see. We designed a bowler hat for her. The hat above and below show the rpogression of the hat that I designed, while teaching. At the point where Alma went with the thick and thin, I went with a colied yarn. We both switched to larger hoks for the novelty yarns. She used a single crochet and I used a double crochet. I was amazed at how much my hat expanded at that point. I was already redy to start working even and then decreasing, since I decided to make a pill box hat. The top center looked bare, so I crocheted a chain flower to put over the hole. Novlety yarns are making my hands itch to experiment. I have the 4th Ave street fair coming up soon, so I really need to be spinning. I never caught up since the December one. Novelty yarns are my favorite to spin, but I have to have the classics to go with them. so, I am spinning Shetland and Shetland with kid mohair, in hopes of covering my feed costs and maybe savign up enough to buy a larger carder or mill by the end of the year. If anyone knows of someone selling one that one person can operate, please let me know!