Recent doings

I felted the background for a landscape on Thursday. It is now dry. I don't have a lot of time to finish for the street fair next week, so I really have to make up my mind soon on how I want to embellish it. I used think and thin coiled yarn on it to see how well it would felt and how much texture would remain. Kind of cool. The lighting in the garage was not the greatest.
The above is a closeup of the sky and some of the thread. It is from the middle of the landscape.
These are the yarns that I spun yesterday. They are all from the same dye pot. I used some in the landscape.
This is Kat. I let her out of the pen as well as her two bucks, since I knew I would need it this afternoon. Jalpeno had triplets at dinner time. All three were does. The first appeared dead, Kyle noticed that she was breathing, so we worked on trying to revive her. No luck, so I went on to deal with the other two does - one white and one black. I had to pull the black doe. She weighed 3 times what the first weighed. The second one was somewhere in between. The first was puny, so probably was not right when born. Jalapeno has bonded with the black doe. The white was was too cold, so I just toweled it dry. Mom was starting to lick her, so hopefully they will bond. They are out of Edelbitter. Mom's genes must override his for her to have three does.

The Badger doe has not bonded with her second buck and probably never will. He is cuter and more energetic than the first. They are both available for sale once weaned. Too many bucks.
Took this photo after settling Jalapeno in her pen. Kind of strange looking with the saguaro in the middle of the pens.