Making progress

Thanksgiving is growing quickly. She is a favorite, when people come out to visit, since she stays still for them to pet. She is now nibbling on pellets and she keeps trying to eat from the wagon.
This is the ram that I bought from Oregon last year. He is going to be my main herd sire next year.
My sister, Shirley, mentioned that she had an Americauna that has never laid eggs and that she has one that looks different from the rest. She was wondering, if it could be a male. Anyone know? I am pretty sure that the one above is a female. The one below has a broader head and I have only ever gotten two eggs from the three that I have. He has never cock-a- doodle-dood!

I am in the design mode again. The collection of yarns and pieces below will become a collar. I am writing the pattern as I go and I am keeping track of my yardage. A very hard thing to do!