Spring Shearing

We started the spring shearing on Friday. Danny arrived a day early, so we did the sheep that were further out and the goats in the far out pasture. Marc helped bag and prepare shots for the animals.

Since so many people asked - no animals were given tranquilizers. Animals resting on their tailbones are immobilized, so they do not struggle. Most of the ones sheared had been sheared before, so they knew the drill. The blue stuff that was poured on the animals' backs is a wormer that kills lice and internal parasites. The shots are CD&T which prevent overeating, diphtheria, and tetanus. It was like a spa day for them, because in addition to being sheared, they also had their hooves trimmed.
These sheep were sheared during the festival. There was a lot of racket until the moms and lambs found each other.
Miss Oregon had twin ewes mid afternoon after the shearing moved to the goat pens. She is moorit and it looks like her lambs have shades of it. Only time will tell, since Shetland lambs are born one color and can be another by the time they are two months old. I named the lighter colored one Spring and the other Shearing. I will remember them easily that way.

Thanksgiving looks like something from a science fiction movie. I was not planning on having her sheared, but an alpaca breeder friend suggested that her second fleece will be nicer, if I did.

At the end of the day, The Witch's kids escaped their pen (ran away from home), so I let them all out. They are returning there for their naps and bedtime.

Lynnae from Chamomile Connection came out to see the animals at the end of the day and mentioned that there was a lot of hair. Turns out that a goat managed to hide somewhere all day long and not get sheared. Marc and Danny caught her and she is now as naked as the rest!

Another ewe delivered an ewe lamb yesterday morning. Agave, an angora goat, delivered a buck last night (he took a while to get on mom) and Pear, one of the Texas Doe's daughters delivered twins this morning. At least 1 more goat will deliver today. I am still waiting on an ewe in the arena. She must be carrying twins.
Someone has sent photos of the booths, but I have not been able to load them. I was too busy to take any - par for the course!
Thanks to all who came. We had a record turnout. The nuno scarf raffle brought in $113 for the Casa Maria Kitchen and was won by Anne Tebo.
Other winners:
Cheryl Wendt - Simple Felted Flowers Kit donated by the Gypsy Studios
Amy Oliver won the Sari Silk donated by Chamomile Connection
Cheryl Michael won a bag of yarn donated by Unique Designs By Kathy
Jessie Virgin won stitch markers donated by Handmade by Sheri
Bernadine Richey won stitch markers donated y Handmade by Sheri
Amy Holzgrafe won a nuno felting kit donated by Unique Designs By Kathy
They will be notified by email, if they provided one. Otherwise, I sure hope they are reading my blog!