Time to move on

I have been doing the 4th Avenue Street Fair for several years and I think this is my ninth or 11th time. Either my standards and expectations have really increased, or the street fair has really dropped theirs, but I find it to be more of a carnival that an art festival. I have decided that this will be my last show there. It is really hot, which explains why all of my friends have stayed away, but it does not help to watch people walk the street in a daze - heat or alcohol related and know that there are babies being born at home and so much else I could be doing. I am trying to look at it as advertising for my wool festival next weekend, but it is rather an expensive thought, since I have not even made my booth fee, which has never happened before. Neither have any of the booths either side of me. Only the food, drink, hat, and trinket vendors are doing much. It is sad, but I think the 4th Avenue no longer fits my needs, so I am moving on!