Above Texas Doe, the day before delivery. Below her two kids. The doe is the one looking up.

I tried taking a nap this afternoon, but could not stop my mind racing. Took a really hot shower and felt better, so I went out to feed animals. Since there was no pressure to work with new moms, I fed all of the animals and went in the shed to lock Texas Doe's head in the milking harness. I was determined to get her buck drinking on her. I skipped his afternoon bottle in hopes of being able to convert him to the teat. It took 30 minutes of non-stop turning him around and squirting milk from his mother's teat into his mouth before he finally got the message that, if he wanted to eat, he had better start sucking on his mother. Once he got the hang of sucking, I slowly took my hands out. He fell off the teat and then got right back on it all by himself. He drained her and still kept at it. I let him mess around and when he was done, let Texas Doe out. If I see him on her, or feel that he is full later on, I will let them out tomorrow. They have dumped the water several times and I want them out, so I can dry the area out.