And I forgot to mention the two funniest things that happened recently.

On Friday I went out to check on the animals and found the door to the rabbit pen open. I looked around and found everyone that was supposed to be in there, as well as Jennifer (an alpaca!) She had opened the gate (a feat in an of itself) and proceeded to plop down right in front of the fan.The birds were fine, but the rabbits were spooked. No damage done, but I am going to make sure that the latch goes down really tight in the future!

The goats figured out that they could get a lot more moisture out of the misters, if they bit through the tubing. I did not dare tell Marc till he got back from DC. You have to put the tubing really high! The goats were using the individual nozzles as straws. Funny to watch, but stupid on their part, since it meant no mister for a few days.