Barbara's kids

She finally delivered her babies and without any problems. She went into labor while a Red Hat Group was here taking a tour. They wanted to watch, but animals are very funny about strangers. I started to worry about her, but went out half hour after the group left and she had Valley (above) and Avra (below) already on their feet. I moved them into the shed to give her a sense of security. I knew she was going to deliver this morning, because she kept going in and out of the shed. She normally does not go in there at all.

Avra's coloring is the paler shade of her father and Valley takes after his mother. I will use him next year for breeding, because he will be a deep chocolate color.
Swiss' kid, Casa, is going to drive her mother nuts. She has already figured out how to get out of her pen. I caught her before she left the shed. I will let them out tomorrow after the kids get tagged.