Class Schedule

I will be teaching wet felting bags tomorrow and nuno felting on Thursday. Both classes will start at 10 a.m. The class size is limited, since it will be in the workshop/garage. Do let me know, if you would like to come.

You may schedule classes for yourselves and friends for other dates.

The shop will have variable hours from Friday thru Monday. I am flying to Maryland and have an intern who will cover some of the hours. I suggest that you call before coming out!

Crochet is big! Check out the hat that was on a sculpture near my booth. I was told that it weighs 50 pounds.

Hats were very popular at the street fair. Since the skein dedicated to the ranch was not likely to sell, it was knitted up into a hat. The band is a coordinating elastic yarn to ensure that the hat stays on. Unique gift designed for a boy. Fits a 22 inch head or smaller.

And the predators are still out there. This bobcat walked by my studio door yesterday about 3:30. It saw me and went under the orange tree next to the the shop door. Huge cat!